MOON mini amber disk

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Infused with the allure of the moon's enigmatic presence, the Moon Mini Disk Splashed in Amber Colour offers a touch of luminous insight with its unique splashed design. This mini bowl serves multiple purposes, from a delightful dessert serving dish to a chic holder for small items like keys, or as an exquisite piece of small decor. The splashed amber colour adds a layer of depth and intrigue, making it a perfect personalized gift for home decor lovers, a specialbaccent piece for art enthusiasts, or a unique addition to any collection of fine tableware.

color exterior / mirror splashed interior

Product size: W 120mm · H 60 mm · 0,4l · 400g
Material: glass + stainless steel
Design by: Artis Nimanis

Each an&angel product is handmade in Europe by highly skilled glass artisans. Utilizing proven and refined techniques, we ensure that every piece achieves timeless quality and perfect glass clarity. Some of an&angel products have our signature mirror coating, combined with innovative technology, guarantees longevity, preventing oxidation and fading for an everlasting effect and enduring metal shine.

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functional elegance

Round shapes, mirrored interiors, shine that doesn't oxidize – quality bowls that will make a lasting impression. Innovative and function glass bowls coated in metal. A staple that will elevate any room.

designed by

Artis Nīmanis

Artis Nimanis devoted years of experimentation in his Latvian studio developing an innovative, and exclusive, method for combining glass and metal. His technique is a treatment of the material in a high vacuum environment where the metal is transformed into a fog and allowed to naturally settle on the glass surface, and as a final stage is burned in with plasma rays.

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