deco flat splashed bowl


Color: amber

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The DECO collection presents geometrical shapes with refined color and mirror effects. It radiates wealth and dominance. Objects of elegant sophistication that range from luxurious to purely simple. A desirable possession, to be sure. Will look great on the table as a fruit bowl, as well as a purely decorative item.

Every an&angel splashed bowl is unique, with its handcrafted glass artist design inside!

amber exterior / mirror splashed interior

Product size: W 320mm · H 85 mm ·  3,7l · 2,2kg
Material: glass + stainless steel
Design by: Artis Nimanis

This an&angel product is handmade in Europe by highly skilled glass craftsmen. It is mouth-blown and individually handled to achieve the highest quality standard. Our innovative technology of treating the material in a high vacuum environment turns metal into fog that settles on the glass surface and creates our signature mirror coating.

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All products are securely packaged in cardboard boxes, covered in protective foam casing.

This collection impresses due to its elegant design which has been achieved by the use of new technologies for glass coating.

— red dot jury

functional elegance

Round shapes, mirrored interiors, shine that doesn't oxidize – quality bowls that will make a lasting impression. Innovative and function glass bowls coated in metal. A staple that will elevate any room.

designed by

Artis Nīmanis

Artis Nimanis devoted years of experimentation in his Latvian studio developing an innovative, and exclusive, method for combining glass and metal. His technique is a treatment of the material in a high vacuum environment where the metal is transformed into a fog and allowed to naturally settle on the glass surface, and as a final stage is burned in with plasma rays.

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