FLOW art piece



Our custom-made fused glass and titanium artwork is a stunning masterpiece, handcrafted with the author's unique technique to radiate unparalleled charm and beauty. The artwork features a mirrored titanium coating and wavy glass surface, creating an interplay of reflections that adds depth and dimension to any space. It is versatile and can be displayed in 12 different positions, making it a true statement piece. 

Made with high-quality materials and built to last, becoming a cherished family heirloom for generations. Invest in this extraordinary piece of art today and transform your living space with its captivating beauty.


Find the 3D Max file below in downloads section to seamlessly integrate FLOW art piece into your interior design renderings.

fused glass / titanium 

Product size: 850mm · 480mm · H: 150mm · 3.5kg
Material: fused glass + titanium + author's technique
Design by: Artis Nimanis

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memorable centerpiece

A true design enthusiast appreciates handcrafted, made to order pieces. Our collection of unique art dishes is perfect as a centerpiece or serving platter. Undoubtedly a collector's must.

designed by

Artis Nīmanis

Artis Nimanis devoted years of experimentation in his Latvian studio developing an innovative, and exclusive, method for combining glass and metal. His technique is a treatment of the material in a high vacuum environment where the metal is transformed into a fog and allowed to naturally settle on the glass surface, and as a final stage is burned in with plasma rays.

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