Limited edition titanium coated glassware collection: TITAN

Meet the TITAN collection – a special, limited edition Titanium coated mouth-blown glass bowls. The bowls are available in 3 different classic and laconic shapes, with an ultra-thin Titanium coating, a hand-splashed interior and black exterior ( Flat bowl also available with a white exterior).
Crafted using an innovative high-tech method of merging titanium and mouth-blown glass, creating an ultra-thin high-quality overlay with a classy, golden shine. There are no two similar bowls, as the titanium coated interior wears hand-splashed patterns of un-coated surface, providing a special, unique experience of a perfectly random shades and reflections.
Titanium is metal with a low density, good strength, is easily fabricated, and has excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium is present in meteorites and in the sun. Considered to be physiologically inert, it burns in air and is the only element that burns in nitrogen.
Space if full of secrets and surprises. One of the most surprising and mystic bodies in our Solar system is the Titan. Back in ancient times 12 Titans, the children of Uranus and Gaia, who sought to rule the heavens but were overthrown by the family of Zeus.
The largest of Saturn's moons – Titan is also the second largest moon in the Solar System. It resembles the Earth at an early stage in its development. Astronomers believe, that Titan is a prime candidate for the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
Now we are crossing the border of time and space, travelling in distant galaxies and staying at home in the same time. A new, fresh look on life and it seems like it has been around since the very beginning of times.