The new glassware design varieties: MOON and DECO JAZZ

an&angel introduces a brand new collection: MOON alongside with a limited design variety DECO JAZZ. The new collection is available on sale, and it continues the traditions of the popular, award-winning DECO collection, yet introducing new accents and a fresh outline.

The elegance, roundness and shine of these bowls tie them to the image of the Earth’s natural satellite. They carry the mystery of night and have their own dark side, hiding luminous insights. The levelled surface brings you a luxury aesthetic feeling in a classic, perfectly rounded  shape.
The play of light and shade, and space within the Bowl!

The new glassware variety: DECO JAZZ
The drive and energy of improvisation with a touch of splendour, the glassware that brings you the wish fulfillment. The new derrivative of an award winning DECO collection wears the splendid genes of a design superstar, yet extending the borders and reaching into a new kind of radiance.
Feel the infinite drive of light and reflections!

The new collections are available in teal or amber, fully coloured or splashed. The latter resemble the hiaroscuro or tenebrist effect, creating light-dark shading in the reflected and transmitted three-dimensional glow.
Crafted using the an&angel’s innovative high-tech method of merging two essentially different materials: glass and stainless steel, creating an ultra-thin, high-quality overlay with a distinct mirror effect.