our story

an&angel is a brand of innovative and functional tableware, where state-of the-art methods are used to create aerial and elegant bowls of the highest quality. Glass and crystal are our essential materials and the creation of unprecedented forms is our driving force.

Can be found in selected high-end retailers in 25 countries within Europe, USA, Latin America, and Asia. Are popular among interior designers worldwide.

Selected by high-level hotels in Europe and Asia - at the buffet, as well as decorative items in their interiors.

designed by artis nimanis

an&angel creative director, designer and glass artist Artis Nimanis, is fascinated by possibilities and continues to challenge conventions by experimenting with the latest technologies. He develops crystal and glass creations that are minimalist in their aesthetics, functional in their design and unique by virtue of their hand-crafted nature.

Artis is driven to capture the essence of glass and to share the resulting play of light, tone, and form in the collections of an&angel.

unique design

Every an&angel bowl is an individual work of art, hand-blown by European artisans utilizing our technique of fusing 2 to 4 layers of glass into one, which spreads light evenly across the glass giving every an&angle bowl a distinct brilliance and style.
Artis Nimanis devoted years of experimentation in his Latvian studio developing an innovative, and exclusive, method for combining glass and metal – that are essentially different materials – to form an ultra-thin stainless steel or titanium overlay with the glass surface to create a mirror effect while retaining transparency.

His technique is a treatment of the material in a high vacuum environment where the metal is transformed into a fog and allowed to naturally settle on the glass surface, and as a final stage is burned in with plasma rays.

an&angel glass works of art, of a consistent quality surface durable and utilitarian enough to also be food friendly, and a lifetime luster that will never oxidize.